Here’s a round up of my favorite things for the week:

Delighted Momma

Great recipes, skin tips and tons of DIY activites.

Buzz Feed

This site has some of the funniest pics, lists, memes and articles. To be honest, I wish I came up woth half of the stuff they post. Check it out!

Save the Ta-Tas

For October (Break Cancer Awareness Month) go and buy a shirt and support a great cause!


3 Things to Accomplish

Ok, so here is my firstĀ attempt at The Book of Doing. The first thing I chose is to compose a list on your birthday of three things you’d like to accomplish this year. Since my birthday was only a month ago, I am going to make the list now.

1. Find a job/career that I am passionate about.

2. Become even better with baking and cooking.

3. Fix the health issues thatĀ are holding me back from what I want in life. (Nothing life threatening, I promise!)

What about you guys? What things do you want to accomplish this year?