New Job

Hey everyone! Well I took some advice from The Book of Doing and I decided to quit my job and find something for my life that I really enjoy doing. Life is to short to be in a situation that you don’t like. I am proud to say that I was hired at a school as a teacher’s aide and they are going to pay for my certification in teaching Pre-K and Kindergarten! I could not be happier. This whole situation happened so quickly. I went in to fill out an application and give in my resume last Friday (yes, three days ago) and I was hired on the spot!

I am not a religious person, but I believe that things happen for a reason when you make them happen. Things just fall into place the way they should.

This is a motivation to all the people out there who aren’t happy with their lives and want to make a change. I know sometimes it seems like you are stuck but if you try to look at your life from a new perspective, there is always a way to change.



6 thoughts on “New Job

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